Play the 2nd installment in the “KOF-i” Series on iPhone / iPod touch!
The highly popular 2D versus fighting game “KOF-i” returns on iPhone / iPod touch in a brand new installment! “KOF-i 2012” features tons of new content for battles more intense than ever. This new entry in the “KOF-i” Series perfectly reproduces KOF’s smooth commands with the use of the Virtual Pad, and the “tapping-based” controls allow players to easily perform various special moves and combos. Moreover, “KOF-i 2012” adds a “TUTORIAL” Mode, which explains all the game basics to beginners, as well as a “TRAINING” Mode, where you can freely practice the various in-game commands!
Fight to collect points and get Trading Cards!
Players can collect points by playing any mode featured in the game. With these points, you can exchange Trading Cards from the “ROSE SHOP” in-game marketplace. Furthermore, aside from the Trading Cards, you can purchase additional background stages and extra colors for specific characters as well!

*All the screenshots have been taken during development