32 fierce fighters clash on iPhone / iPod touch! New stages are also available!
32 characters are playable in this release! Along with the 20 characters available in the previous version, 12 additional fighters join the battle! Also, 6 new colorful, atmospheric background stages such as the “Plaza of Snow” and “Blue Sky Open Café” have been added for your enjoyment.
Fight for the best times in Time Attack!
A “TIME ATTACK” Mode, in which you compete for the best clear times, is available in “KOF-i 2012”. Win 10 matches as fast as possible in this mode, or beat as many challengers as possible in order to be rewarded with coins.
Watch all Team Ending Movies at any time!
Clear the game in “TEAM BATTLE” Mode with a default team to watch its ending movie. Moreover, all ending movies that have been viewed are automatically added to the “GALLERY”, and can be watched again at anytime!

Addition of tons of new Challenges and Trading Cards!
With the introduction of various new challenges, you can enjoy this new content even if you have already cleared the “CHALLENGE” Mode in the previous installment. In addition, a multitude of new Trading Cards (some of them are exclusive to “KOF-i 2012”) and new Illustrations have been added as well.

*All the screenshots have been taken during development